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As an experienced paediatric gastroenterologist, Dr Ong’s clinical expertise is in treating children and adolescents with various gastrointestinal, liver and nutrition conditions. At our clinic, we will provide a comprehensive review of your child’s condition and recommend appropriate treatment and investigations.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a virus that attacks the liver. It is transmitted by consuming food and drinks contaminated with the virus or through direct contact with an infected person. Symptoms of Hepatitis A include:

    1. Fever
    2. Feeling tired
    3. Pain on the right side of the belly
    4. Jaundice (yellow discolouration of the skin)
    5. Nausea and vomiting

Diagnosis of Hepatitis A involves blood tests. Patients with Hepatitis A need close monitoring of the liver and symptomatic treatment. Most patients will make a full recovery from hepatitis A. Rarely, hepatitis A will cause severe damage leading to liver failure.

Prevention of Hepatitis A is possible by vaccination.

Hepatitis B and C

Both Hepatitis B and C are viruses that affect the liver. In children, the most common cause of Hepatitis B and C infection is by vertical transmission from mother to child. Children with Hepatitis B or C will need regular 6-12 monthly follow-up by a paediatric liver specialist to check on their liver status.  Some of these

Hepatitis - A - B - C

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“Dr Christina Ong is a senior consultant paediatrician and paediatric gastroenterologist. Her clinical expertise includes management of children with gastrointestinal conditions as well as performing endoscopic procedures. As an experienced paediatrician with more than 20 years clinical experience, she also specialises in treating children with general medical conditions”

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