Gastroenterology Services

As an experienced paediatric gastroenterologist, Dr Ong’s clinical expertise is in treating children and adolescents with various gastrointestinal, liver and nutrition conditions. At our clinic, we will provide a comprehensive review of your child’s condition and recommend appropriate treatment and investigations.

Poor Growth and Nutrition in Children

In early years, children have increased energy and nutrient requirements as they are undergoing rapid growth. In some children, the growth may be poor for various reasons including the following:

  1. Acute illness
  2. Chronic illness
  3. Malabsorption
  4. Hormone problems
  5. Restricted diet
  6. Feeding problems

If your child has poor growth, it is important that he or she see a specialist for a formal assessment. Depending on the history and physical examination, the doctor will perform appropriate investigations to determine the cause. Treatment will be started depending on the cause of the poor growth.

Poor Growth in Children

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About Dr. Christina Ong

Senior Consultant
Paediatric Gastroenterologist

“Dr Christina Ong is a senior consultant paediatrician and paediatric gastroenterologist. Her clinical expertise includes management of children with gastrointestinal conditions as well as performing endoscopic procedures. As an experienced paediatrician with more than 20 years clinical experience, she also specialises in treating children with general medical conditions”

Dr Christina Ong - Paediatrician & Gastroenterologist