Well Baby Checks & Vaccinations

Well Baby Checks &

Our clinic provides routine and optional vaccinations for infants and children. We also conduct developmental assessment at regular recommended intervals.

Well Baby Checks &

Our clinic provides routine and optional vaccinations for infants and children. We also conduct developmental assessment at regular recommended intervals.

A developmental assessment is conducted to ensure your child’s ability to meet expected milestones and perform everyday tasks.

During infancy, a child’s gross motor, fine motor, language functions and social-emotional development is assessed.

During earlier childhood, the assessment aims to identify a child’s strengths and challenges in a range of developmental domains including cognitive, social, emotional, language, physical development and adaptive behaviours such as self-care and self-direction.

Screening tools could also be specific to a disorder such as autism. If the screening test identifies a potential developmental problem, a more detailed evaluation will be necessary to investigate whether the child needs treatment and early developmental intervention.

Childhood immunisation is when your child is given a vaccine to protect them against infectious diseases. The vaccine encourages the body’s immune system to produce antibodies against infectious disease such that your child can fight the disease if they are exposed to it.

Childhood immunisation protects your child against serious infectious diseases which can otherwise lead to lifelong complications and occasionally be fatal. If enough children are immune to a particular disease, the risk of it spreading is lowered and might eradicate the disease entirely. This phenomenon is named “Herd Immunity”.

Optional vaccines include vaccines for Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Influenza and Chicken Pox. Consult the doctor if you are considering these vaccines for your child.

Newborn Screening

Newborns are usually medically examined within their first day of life. At your first visit, Dr Ong will go through the following checks:

  • Measure your baby’s weight, length, BMI and head circumference
  • Perform a thorough physical exam (She may also feel the neck and collarbone to see if there is a fracture from delivery, a common complication that heals quickly.)
  • Check your baby’s breathing and reflexes
  • Check for abnormalities (i.e. heart function, eyes, hip dysplasia or undescended testes for boys)

You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have, especially if you are a new parent and have questions relating to baby care and baby developmental milestones.

Start looking for a paediatrician early on in your pregnancy to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Well Baby Checks

Scheduled well baby checks are important to your child. This is the time when your paediatrician is able to regularly check on several aspects of your’s child growth and development. Any problems or developing condition can then be identified early and treated as soon as possible.

What exactly does Dr Ong check for during well baby checks?

  • Your baby’s weight, height, BMI and head circumference in reference to growth charts
  • Physical examination, including checking of birthmarks, eyes, head, and oral health
  • Your baby’s eating habits and sleeping patterns
  • Developmental and language milestones

Dr Ong will answer any questions that you may have. She will also share relevant safety information according to your baby’s age.

Well baby visits are a chance for you to address your concerns for your child, since parents are usually the first ones to notice changes in their baby’s behaviour or growth. It is important that you take an active role in your baby’s health and come prepared with questions and an open ear.

About Dr. Christina Ong

Senior Consultant
Paediatrician & Paediatric Gastroenterologist

“Dr Christina Ong is a senior consultant paediatrician and paediatric gastroenterologist. Her clinical expertise includes management of children with gastrointestinal conditions as well as performing endoscopic procedures. As an experienced paediatrician with more than 20 years clinical experience, she also specialises in treating children with general medical conditions”


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